My Journey - Mind

Dear Icarus, Picture yourself in your happy place. For some that may be a serene mountaintop, others may be surrounded by small children, most would imagine a deserted beach somewhere with and umbrella cocktail in hand. As for me, I like to picture an island with all of these things: beach near the coasts then climbing up a mountain to reach softly falling snow and a cabin filled with loved ones. There would be food, drink, and smoke rising out of the chimney with a bonfire out back. I created in my mind a place where it all exists, yet notice one aspect is constant throughout my walk: the elements: fire, snow, water. Water will have its very own posts altogether...but for now, imagine yourself next to a stream. Eyes closed and resting in a comfortable position. The reflection of the sun sparkles off the water and washes over you. Allowing this light to enter your soul and guide you, surrender to the energy you receive from it. Acknowledge thoughts that arise and let them go returning to focus on the breath. During this state, simple play in the mind with imagery allows us to reach into the depths of our greatest passions. The light source within us has the capability to ignite light bulbs in our minds. Imagery is a tool that can be used for envisioning and focusing on our chosen skill we desire to learn. The clarity that comes from this practice can be utilized to hone in on what gives our personal experience at long last yearning purpose. Personally, I have been raised on the importance of school and again referring to our welcome blog of being well rounded — Learning subjects such as math, language, science, and history. At some point, this no longer served me, especially with the instant availability of most linear knowledge on the world wide web. I yearned to know more and expand my mind by continuing the inevitable route in western education. No doubt, the education system in place today gave me experiences I would not trade for any other; not to mention a few degrees that would look good in frames on my wall, but I did not gain what I had sought. I had it all along. It was my job to choose trainings that would amplify the passion inside. Training does not have to look like a university. It does not have to look like anything except focus, practice, and perseverance. I went to a university straight out of high school. I received two degrees and a certificate. I traveled for work afterwards, took time off when I realized that career path was not for me. I went back to a community college and moved out of state one class before finishing my third degree and second certificate. I swung back to the other side and opted for solely working then took more time off, went back to work... the cycle went on and as much as an outsider were to say I was lost, I wasn’t. Each step I took was a baby step toward finding Brittney. I was brave enough to say this is not it, take a few lessons, throw the rest out, and start all over from scratch. Twelve years after graduating high school, she finally knows who she is. She was there all along. Her dream is big and she was scared to fly because she did not know how. I still don’t. My mantra to you is: have the fear, but do it anyway. I am proud to have fire in my heart side by side with excited fear as I enroll in classes for my masters degree, keep my current job, and start a new business. Going back to school is not part of the cycle but a piece that will pave the path I centered my focus on after years of searching for authentic self. I am forever a student. I am writing to tell you: never stop learning. Never stop the search to uncover blind spots. You can do this. This is mind over matter. This is being alive.

Love Always, Brittney